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Porter/Lee’s Value Agenda Realized: CMT Corp Delivers the HIT Platform for Change

In the ever-present discussions of healthcare reform, a common buzzword is “value”— defined as the best patient outcomes at the most affordable prices. And a fascinating exploration of the subject comes from a recent Harvard Business Review article by Harvard’s Michael Porter (also the co-author of Redefining Health Care with Elizabeth Teisberg) and Thomas Lee. [...]

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The HIT Platform that Provides True Interoperability

In our most recent blog post, we described a proposal for reimagining health care using a six-point value agenda designed by Michael Porter and Thomas Lee. We at CMT Corp. have been working toward the same goals, developing our Physician Collaboration Platform in a way that aligns well with the “HIT platform for change” the [...]

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Health 2.0 – Accelerating Change

As the 7th Annual Health 2.0 Conference kicks off in Santa Clara, California, I can’t help but ask the question – how can we move faster? After nearly 20 years in the healthcare IT space, some of the vital technology and common terminology building blocks have been constructed, implemented and evolved – but our healthcare [...]

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An Epidemic of Overtreatment and Inappropriate Care? The Treatment: Physician Collaboration and Second Opinion

Reading about healthcare in newspapers this summer, I was struck by how often the news was about overtreatment and inappropriate care. It started to sound like an epidemic, with alarming rates of unnecessary surgeries and overmedication, as well as delayed diagnoses and other medical malpractice and mistakes. The reality is not as bleak as the [...]

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Welcome to Medicine Without Boundaries

We’re inspired. Here at Collaborative Medical Technology Corporation (CMTC), we’ve been dedicated to one thing for the past decade: Developing the disruptive and innovative information technology solutions necessary to facilitate a sustainable global healthcare system. Our mission is ultimately to advance patient experience and outcomes by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery. We [...]

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